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Expert electroplaters in Melbourne

With over 50 years of industry experience under our belts and a highly successful industry history in the supply of metal finishing services, we are already the logical choice of electroplaters for a diverse range of satisfied clients.

During our extensive trading history, we have provided our services to many high-profile clients and household brand names. We have showcased some of the many testimonials that we continuously receive through email, telephone, and letter. Please take some time to look them over and call us with any queries that you may have concerning the services that we provide.


Wilcox quality is consistent since we commenced availing the service. The highlight is that Wilcox staff  identify and quarantine the parts which are not to the expected quality level due to the facts beyond their scope of work. This really helped us to review our process and continuously improve to achieve the best quality. Besides delivering goods on time as per schedule, Wilcox flexibility to meet urgent requirements is commendable. In the past one and half years, Wilcox provided great customer service and maintained a good professional relationship with our staff.

Thanks & Best Regards

Sekaran Amirthalingam

Quality Assurance Manager

Magic Mobility

We have been in a great partnership with Wilcox Metal finishing for just over a year now. During this time we have experienced excellent customer and product service.   This was a new and challenging venture for us. Wilcox worked with us to ensure a smooth transition with prompt and reliable turnaround times.  

Michelle Honeybrook

Inventory Control & Logistics

Local Melbourne Business

Wilcox Metal’s exceptional service and unique product have made our business possible. Thank goodness we found them!

Thank you to the team at Wilcox Metal for providing outstanding customer support and a product solution that has added value to our business model and changed the way we do things for the better.


ICOA Australia Pty Ltd

“ Right from the start when making an enquiry they are professional, will ask relevant questions to fully understand your requirements, not only parts, but delivery and packaging.

They offer ongoing support, both for Sales, Quality, and Supply to ensure that parts continue to meet your requirements and expectations. It has been a pleasure dealing with Wilcox at every stage of our business.”

Hope this covers your request.

Best Regards 

Kenneth Stephen        
Commercial Business Manager

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