Nickel Chrome Electroplating

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Nickel chrome electroplating by the experts in Melbourne

Our completely programmable nickel/chrome machine is unique to the Australian electroplating industry. This state-of-the-art machine is equipped with its own artificial intelligence program to provide an unparalleled facility for continuous process improvement and repeatability.

Our continued investment in such facilities, along with our most valued asset - our dedicated personnel, are intrinsically linked to our success in providing the services that our discerning clients have come to expect.

The system achieves a controlled finish to predictable micron accuracy that implies that it will not conceal existing flaws in base components without special attention.

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What distinguishes us from our competitors?

• A system that is unique in Australia, fully computerised with software capability for scheduling, process control ensuring reliable, accurate, repeatable results for all your nickel/chrome plating requirements

• Process includes semi-bright ductile nickel, bright nickel, duplex nickel, chromium and copper / nickel / chromium combinations

• A clean, modern facility that is the complete antithesis of traditional plating shops

• Full certification of coatings to Australian and international standards is provided

• Our experience covers a wide range of industries including Australian Defence Industries

• A fully integrated effluent control system

Our extensive experience, spanning over half a century, combined with our outstanding reputation and track record for providing on-time results, consistently places us at the forefront of our industry.

Our many global and domestic clients are already convinced that we are the logical choice for all of their nickel chrome electroplating requirements and you can find out why by contacting us today on 03 9792 9815

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